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What Our Former Clients Say

After interviewing several divorce attorneys in Boston, I knew immediately that Nancy and her team would do the best job guiding me through my divorce. Nancy possesses a professor’s level of knowledge when it comes to divorce law, and delivers her expertise with the sensitivity of a skilled social worker. She provided and explained every possible course of legal action along the way and had the patience of a saint to guide me through the divorce process. Along with a highly skilled team of associates, Nancy’s keen attention to detail and straightforward honesty also saved me from making several expensive mistakes had I followed the counsel of a separate mediating attorney. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Nancy and her team to anyone going through a divorce.

– D.D., Suffolk County


Nancy and her firm shepherded me through a maze of custody/parenting and support modifications and contempts with my former wife. I switched to them from another well-known divorce attorney and it was like night and day. They handled everything efficiently, straightened everything out for me in court and got everything resolved with my ex-wife in a way that was much better for me and for my children. Nancy and Meghan changed my life. My children and I will always be indebted to them. I always appreciated how on top of everything they were and how fast they handled everything. I still call Nancy for advice on issues that come up from time to time. She is very perceptive and has great judgment. I can’t say enough about how terrific Nancy and her team are.

– J.R., Norfolk County


Nancy is a gifted practitioner who knows the nuances of every issue and how to frame them in negotiations to achieve her clients’ goals. Nancy helped me through the most difficult year of my life and I am so grateful that she was able to get my divorce resolved quickly. I could not be happier with the outcome, both regarding parenting issues and financial terms. I also very much enjoyed working with and trusted Jordana, who is patient, thorough, and clear.

– D.R., Newton


Nancy and her office were consummate professionals throughout my divorce. They demonstrated extraordinary skill in their handling of issues related to our children and to our finances. I was impressed by their ability to be compassionate and supportive with me while also being tough handling and negotiating with my obstinate husband and his counsel. After a lengthy and unsuccessful effort at mediation, Nancy deftly stepped in and brought my divorce to a conclusion that was far better than what my husband had been willing to accept in mediation. I am enormously grateful to them.

– S.F., Newton


I learned many valuable lessons that I still carry with me as the result of Nancy’s expertise, intelligence, and compassion, and I am extremely grateful for her ability not only to persevere and prevail in protracted negotiations with my very aggressive now ex-wife on both financial and child-related issues but also to give me “reality checks” and tell me what was reasonable under the law. I also very much appreciated and admired the skills and human insight that Jordana possesses and brought to my case.

– S.B., Norfolk County


Nancy Baskin and her team were/are awesome! I have been through the family court system several times over the last 24 years and have had and dealt with many lawyers. None of them have come close to what Nancy and her associate, Meghan, have done for me. They are true pros – unbelievably precise and lightning-fast responsive. Their firm is top drawer, and I was proud to have been represented by them. Scale of 1 to 10, they are a 20.

– K.B., Plymouth County


Nancy was originally referred to me as “tough but compassionate,” which proved to be a considerable understatement. She clearly has a thorough understanding of the law as well as an extensive body of practical experience; my case changed directions several times, and at every step, she was able to clearly explain my options as well as make practical recommendations. She put together an agreement that precisely reflected my wishes, and which ultimately became final. And while my situation did not become overly adversarial, it was clear from her manner and competence that anyone who tried to get away with anything in a fight with her would end up in sad shape indeed.

Still – and perhaps even more importantly, to me – she was indeed a compassionate and knowledgeable presence throughout what was certainly the darkest period in my life. She (and everyone in her office) were unfailingly kind and helpful, and helped me to make good decisions while keeping things in perspective. She also struck a good balance between being sympathetic and making sure I made the right decisions for myself, even when I couldn’t quite recognize them on my own – a pearl beyond price.

– A.S., Middlesex County


I wholeheartedly recommend attorney Meghan Thorp. She is sharp, highly knowledgeable, empathetic, and fair-minded. Her wisdom, experience, and excellent social skills were essential in dealing with an uncooperative and rude opposing attorney. She helped me navigate through a contentious divorce and saved me from paying a fortune in unnecessary legal fees. She was generous with her time and services. Without her, I would not have had the peace of mind I needed to parent my children through a divorce and a pandemic. I am forever grateful to her.

– S.B. Middlesex County


I had the pleasure of working with Meghan Thorp of Baskin Kershner and Thorp, LLC this past summer. Sixteen years after my divorce, I had to revisit a sensitive topic in our decree.
I was impressed with Meghan’s attention to detail in our communications, such as emails, telephone calls and completing legal documents. Meghan’s strong oral and written skills accurately relayed personal and critical information. Her time management skills were outstanding. She presented strong and convincing information to avoid returning to court. I felt her trust that she was listening and we were working together.
Meghan was able to move the process along within a short period of time while paying close attention to details, dates and facts.
Her office staff are most competent and reliable, as well.
I would highly recommend Ms. Meghan Thorp without reservation.

– P.B., Middlesex County


Despite the challenges anyone will encounter while going through a divorce, Meghan and Elizabeth made my experience as smooth as it could possibly be. I was well guided from beginning to end with a useful timeline, clear explanations and with what to expect as the process unfolded. Meghan and Elizabeth are EXCEPTIONALLY responsive, detail oriented and grasp the big picture as well. Their knowledge of the law and familiarity with judges proved instrumental in effectively managing my divorce along with their experience, organization and efficiency kept my case moving forward. Meghan is a strong negotiator and battled for my best interests. I had ultimate confidence in her ability to effectively manage my divorce from the beginning to its final conclusion.

– D.W., Bristol County