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Disputes Involving Child Custody

When disputes involve your minor children, their best interests must steer all decisions made for them, however, reaching an agreement is often difficult for divorcing parents. There are many processes available to help parties before stepping into the courtroom for judicial intervention, but when litigation is necessary, our highest priority is achieving the best outcome for you and your children. Some custody and parenting disputes may require the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem and we are experienced at guiding clients throughout that process. We also have experience serving as Guardian ad Litems ourselves and both the Court and other professionals seek our services in this role.

Disputes can also arise regarding the appropriate calculation of child support. We are adept at using the factors that courts consider in setting or revising support orders to advocate for the best outcome for both our recipient and payor clients.

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Whether you are a separating or divorcing couple, and no matter where you are in the process of a child-related dispute, please contact us. At Baskin Kershner & Thorp, our attorneys have experience in the full range of domestic relations issues and conflicts that parents experience. Call 617-266-1820 or email us for a consultation.