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Divorce Challenges Even The Most Amicable

Even when couples agree to part ways amicably, separating households can become complicated and often requires the assistance of an attorney to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome. Emotional power plays, microaggressions, and difficulties due to lack of transparency regarding income and assets can make negotiation and decision-making more challenging.

It is important to seek legal counsel regarding cases involving:

  • Real estate
  • Professional practices and other businesses
  • Tangible and intangible investments
  • Personal property
  • Pension and retirement assets
  • Executive compensation grants
  • Trusts

At Baskin Kershner & Thorp, LLC, our attorneys will assist you with obtaining all of the relevant information and documents in order to provide you with a clear understanding of the entirety of the marital estate.

We Guard Your Privacy And Your Family’s Well-Being

Divorce proceedings can be especially challenging when minor children are involved. Escalating disagreements within your home can have an adverse – sometimes life-long – impact on your children. Our attorneys approach each client’s circumstances with a full range of skills and compassion to minimize the scope of negative impact on children. We offer our clients discretion to resolve disputes as privately and efficiently as possible.

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